Safe Place

When I feel like escaping to nowhere
Tired of the demons chasing me away
And the cruel world seems very unfair
Torturing me every hour and day

When my self-hatred gets the best of me
And I feel like laying down and crying
The inclination to drown in the sea
Resisting the urge; the pull. I’m trying

When the whole world seems to be against me
And I just feel like leaping to my death
I think of your innocent face and cease
The thought comes back with the last of my breath

‘Cause being with you, I feel the bravest
Wrapped in your arms is where I feel safest

Even though I hate all kinds of poetry that have a specific format and a specific number of syllables to follow, I have forced myself to write this sonnet. Yay me.


Author: nabiha

Rookie blogger. Trying my best to keep up with the world.

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