Similar, Yet Unique

October 2015 Canon Album 085

A building is built upon a foundation that keeps it steady and stable.

The only reason a tall tree does not fall over is because it’s roots stretch deep down into the ground.

Though one is man-made and the other is not, both have many similarities. For example, a building is usually always bustling with life and energy that is quiet visible. A tree also has a world of its own. Though not that obvious to our eyes, a tree is humming with energy that is much more minute. Insects and microscopic organism thrive on the tree.

We, as individuals, are much like the tree-and-building contrast. We are all rooted and held back by the same things; made up of the same things. Our purposes could be different; like a tree’s purpose is much different on the planet than that of a building.

At the end of the day though, we are all similar, yet unique.


Author: nabiha

Rookie blogger. Trying my best to keep up with the world.

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