Shower Revelations

This morning, standing under the hot shower as it fogged up my bathroom mirrors, a great revelation came upon me.


The minute I walked out of that shower I knew I was a different person. I was changed.

Maybe the water was holy.

But back to the Great Revelation.

Get ready.

So let’s start with this,

Each individual, every single person to exist, who has existed, who is existing, or will exist, every one of us has a lifespan. An average lifespan of about 71 years let’s say. Well, multiply that by every human being to exist, is existing, and will exist.

Seem like a lot?

It’s not when compared to the lifespan of the earth. The earth has been around for 4.543 billion years. Humans have been around about 200,000 years.

How Long Humans Have Existed : How Long the Earth Has Existed

200,000 : 4,500,000,000

(Reduce the ratio yourself I’m not that great at mental math.)

It’s really not much.

Especially when our own lifespans come into account.

Individual Lifespan : How Long Humans Have Existed

71 : 200,000

(Again, reduce the ratio yourself I’m not that great at mental math.)

Does this all really matter? Nope.

Forget everything you read before this sentence.

What really matters is that what you do in your little insignificant lifespan doesn’t matter.

I am not kidding you.

Unless your ultimate goal is to destroy the order of things and how the solar system behaves or maybe to take over the world (something along those lines) then this post isn’t for you.

But if you don’t have any interest in those things then my friend you have nothing to worry about because what you want to do should be what you do because it doesn’t matter what the world will say.

When you’re dead none of this will matter.

Make the most of your little insignificant lifespan.

Make it matter and do anything that makes you happy because you only have about 71 years to do this and you shouldn’t be sitting on your ass dreaming these moments away.


Because when you’re dead, it won’t matter to them, to the world, to anyone.

It will only matter to you and since it’s your life why are you letting

And since it’s your life why are you letting them rule you over? Your time is running out and you don’t want them to waste any more of it. Maybe they really want to waste their time on stopping you but that’s up to them.

What we’re gonna do is what makes us happy.

What I’m gonna do is what makes me happy.

And nothing will stop me.

And that was the Great Revelation.

Can’t wait to see what my next shower beholds.


Author: nabiha

Rookie blogger. Trying my best to keep up with the world.

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