“We Feel We Are Cursed”

The report, “‘We Feel We Are Cursed’: Life under ISIS in Sirte, Libya,” also finds that ISIS is inflicting severe hardship on the local population by diverting food, medicine, fuel, and cash, along with homes it seized from residents who fled, to fighters and functionaries it has amassed in the Mediterranean port city. As the de facto government in Sirte, ISIS has the duty to ensure that all residents are able to exercise their basic human rights, including the rights to food and health.

Source: “We Feel We Are Cursed”


Humanity in Humans: Where is it?

It’s Easter Sunday.

Here in the Americas, people are celebrating by eating future diabetic problems.

On the other side of the world, in Pakistan to be specific, there’s been a terrorist attack by the most pathetic and inhumane of creatures (the title “human beings” isn’t for them).

A park was bombed.

A park where kids and their parents were trying to have a good time spending their Easter evening there because they thought this was the best gift they could give their children and the only one they could afford. The park where no one meant any harm but rather just wanted to spend some peaceful time away from the polluted city where relatively clean air could be breathed in.

This park, where parents gleefully decided on taking their kids thinking that the worst that could happen would be their child falling off a swing or slide and scraping their knee on the gravel.

They didn’t know they would wake up to a house with no sound and no laughter the next day.

Not the light breathing of their child as he or she slept soundly beside them nor the rush of the Monday as they prepared their child’s lunch and sent them off to school.

Even worse did they not expect to find that the only thing left to bury of their child was just a fragment of their body.

Religion has nothing to do with this.

Whether the victims were Christians or Muslims has no significance whatsoever.

At the end of the day what was buried was a human being.

At the end of the day, the injured being treated in the hospitals are human beings.

At the end of the day, the traumatized survivors are still human beings.

Those who donated blood to the injured, those who treated the injured, those who buried the dead, and those that are there supporting the living,

They are all human beings.

And they deserve to be shown light upon by the media.

Definitely not the ones that created this sickening event.