Dull and Gloomy


“Rainy, gloomy, drab, sunless day.  There are times when hope seems entirely clouded over; when looking for the blessings in your circumstances feels like trying to catch a ray of sunshine from six feet under.” 
– Richelle E. Goodrich


Since Vancouver weather is dull and gloomy more than 3/4 of the year, it wouldn’t be fair of me to say that I am a dull and gloomy person 3/4 of the time of every year as well.


One does get bored of being dull and gloomy.

So instead, we Vancouverites find numerous ways to make us believe that the dull and gloomy weather isn’t all that.. well… dull and gloomy.

Now, we don’t quite ever get to convince ourselves this and it is kind of hard since you’re trapped inside your house every single afternoon and evening. (unless you’ve got school or work- then there’s no excuse)

And even if you like to pretend it’s sunny outside, the opposite is pretty obvious as you can tell from the dull and gloomy looks on the faces of the people in your house.

But that’s not to say that we are gloomy and dull all the time. As spring colours our dull and gloomy environment, undoubtedly our expressions change. We seem to have evolved into a new species all together. For real. If you compared the same individual in fall and winter, to the person in spring and summer, you’d have a hard time believing it’s the same person.

So there.

Climate can REALLY change one’s mood, no matter how hard we try to tell ourselves it won’t.

In response to Daily Post’s writing prompt: Climate Control”