The Periphery of my Vision

“[Screw] your theories. We are the way we are.”

-The Parade of Ashes (P∴)

No, we are not JUST teens.

We are a movement.
A force.
And when we are compelled,
We will revolt.  

Let us be who we want to be.
And you just might be left in peace.

We are imperfect.
Boy, do we get that. 

We have a lot to experience, you say.
I guess it could be the case.
But we just can’t comprehend that.
Because the whole world just seems to be antagonistic toward us.

Do not restrain us.
Just let us pretend we can predominate the world.
That feeling.
It fills up the craters in our personalities.

Before another encumbrance is hurled toward us.
Oh, leave us.
Leave us be.