Why do I blog?

feather real

A question I ask myself almost every time I sit at my laptop with a warm cup of something in my hand.

Every time I click the Create a New Post button and start typing.

Every time I lay in bed awake thinking of what I just posted that day.

Or when I lay awake thinking of what I’ll post the next day.

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Who has created this piece of art, so intricate and detailed?

Who took the time to form each delicate tentacle?

Who made this beautiful creature, so fragile yet so venomous?

With each breathtaking movement, as she drifts with the current,

With no brain, no heart, no blood,

How does she make ones heart stop, with a single touch?

Be careful, be careful

Don’t be fooled by the beauty

This creature may seem delicate

But beneath lies its poisonous sting

—At the Vancouver Aquarium.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”